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KEO is a french non profit making organisation for the right of education.
KEO has been creatd in November 2001 by 3 students.
They present their projects on these pages.

Education is the priority for the members of KEO.

At the beginning of this new millenium, 110 million of children can't go th school. The gap between North an South is still expanding. Non formal education developped mostly in development countries is offered to children by non governmental bodies. This kinf of education is well adapated to the poor populations where children must work to support their family. Child work is not new, it has always existed in traditional communities in which it has a real fonction of education and social integration. But, as the poverty is growing up, this social fonction of work decreases in front of the economic fonction.

Conscient of these facts, KEO team wishes to support some local organisations that work in non formal education field, by bringing them material, physical and financial help on a long term partnership.
A first project has been realised by KEO team in summer 2002 with the meeting with our two NGO partners.
Now we are looking for new material and financial helps for them and we still have some regular contacts by e-mail.
A new project will be realised in 2003 with a KEO team going back in the 2 NGO partners.

Moreover, KEO wish to go further by settling up some actions of education for development for the french children. These actions are : written exchange with the indian children, and the realisation of a website for them.
By these actions, KEO wants to contributes to awareness of the youngers to intercultural differences.



Contact us : assokeo@free.fr   Association Keo   6, rue de la Parenterie   77135 Pontcarré   France