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Project development


Year 2003 :
Organisation of the Summer 2003 project

Collect of clothes, funds, medicines and other material for the 2 NGO partners in India
Search for financial partners
Develoment of the association


December 2002 :
Second KEO Night on the 20 of December

Exhibition of pictures from the Summer 2002 project at Pontcarré
Collect of clothes and games at Marne la Valle university

November 2002 :
Exhibition of pictures from the Summer 2002 project at Pontcarré
Organisation of the party for the 20 of December

October 2002 :
Development of the association with 10 new members
Publication of the Quai aux nouvelles N°2
Creation of a website for the NGO ENEDSA in India

Mid-June to mid-August 2002:
Stay in India divided in 3 periods for each organization met.
16th of June : Departure : Paris-Chennai (Madras)

From January to June 2002:
Contact with potential private partners.
Setting up of parties and various actions to gather funds for the Indian associations.
Friday, the 11st of January : Galette des Rois Party in Marne la Vallée University. Profits gathered for shools : 49 Euros.

December 2001:
Contact with some Indian associations
Sending of a questionnaire in order to better know their needs and expects
2 positives answers at present (in Chennai and Mysore in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in south of India)
Creation of the website

November 2001:
Creation of the association


Contact us :   Association Keo   6, rue de la Parenterie   77135 Pontcarré   France